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Tour curated by: Kendall Anderson | 10 Locations

This tour is designed to educate participants on the prevalence of human trafficking in Oakland and beyond. Tour takers will learn about different spaces in Oakland that are related to human trafficking, and resources that are designed to help…

Tour curated by: Augusta Hohn | 10 Locations

This tour explores food security in Oakland and the disproportionate lack of access to fresh produce for lower-income households and communities of color.

Tour curated by: Yesenia Checa | 10 Locations

Etched into stone and buried beneath earth are names representative of lives once lived. There are hundreds of names scrawled across these tombstones and surrounded by carefully kept foliage. But what have these names produced? What have these names…

Tour curated by: Zenzele Olatunji | 10 Locations

This tour profiles several alternatives to grocery stores--seed libraries/companies, urban farms, community gardens, farmers’ markets, and produce-delivery services--that can be found in Oakland.

Tour curated by: B. Starr | 10 Locations

With this project, I wanted to investigate the histories of some of the many different groups of people who give Oakland its celebrated diversity. Who is here and how did they get here? I wanted to discover what global, local, social, economic and…

Tour curated by: Emma Wilson | 10 Locations

Oakland's identity and its cultural memory are preserved through the archiving of its history. This tour focuses not only on physical archives, but also on community centers where knowledge is stored and shared. The storing and sharing of…

Tour curated by: Savannah Stelzer | 10 Locations

Oakland is a city steeped in history and stories; generations of citizens have passed down the stories that they found exciting and important, and, in some cases, these people became stories themselves. In particular, tales of ghosts and…

Tour curated by: Kelly Ortiz | 10 Locations

The history of activism in Oakland in which the tour itself serves as the platform for rethinking the ways of its representation, reception and transgressions faced. The fight for reclaiming space and visibility not only in Oakland's past,…

Tour curated by: Emily Mibach | 10 Locations

Oakland is an extremely multifaceted town. The coverage done of Oakland by the news sources within it is indicative of that. This tour will explore some of the ways that Oakland covers itself in the news.

Tour curated by: Stacy Johnson | 10 Locations

Police brutality in Oakland impacts the entire community not only the deceased and their families. Children are largely affected but their needs are often unmet.

Tour curated by: Natanya Friedheim | 10 Locations

Spread out all over the West coast, many communities of the Pacific Islander diaspora settled in Oakland. Great amounts of cultural production comes from these communities, though they remain for the most part under the radar. This tour gives a list…

Tour curated by: Emma Ishii | 10 Locations

The mass transit systems have shaped Oakland into what it is today. Transit can create connections, divide access and grant opportunity. Freeways, railroads, BART tracks and bus routes all influence the character and community of Oakland.

Tour curated by: Camille J. Brown | 10 Locations

History has an eerie way of repeating itself. Rediscover the Black Panther Party with eyes on the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Tour curated by: Danielle deGuzman Armstead | 4 Locations

This tour is a non-consumerist tour that sheds light on the lack of access of food in Oakland, the health repercussions caused by this void and the accessibility of food focused community projects. Background Oakland is known for its amazing…

Tour curated by: Elisa Harrison | 9 Locations

“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world...would do this, it would change the earth.” ― William Faulkner

Tour curated by: Nazanin Szanto | 10 Locations

My generation is a generation of spectrums. While we haven’t created or invented spectrums, we are beginning to do very serious and important work to dismantle social constructs and teach people to see dichotomies as spectrums. Gender is one of…

Tour curated by: Arianna Cruz-Sellu | 10 Locations

Oakland is a city of changemakers, people who see the system work to change/dismantle it. My tour will be of places that centralize the experiences of change makers through art that is displayed on the streets of Oakland. Street art is the voice of…

Tour curated by: Ashlyn Warny | 7 Locations

Here, in Oakland, we see signs of the strong Native American culture present whether it is in the street art, land marks, Intertribal Friendship House also known as the "Urban Rez" or the fact that we walk on Ohlone land everyday. This…

Tour curated by: Valarie Williams | 10 Locations

Oakland is a burgeoning hub of tech and innovation. While it is smaller in scale than San Francisco or Silicon Valley, it is doing something neither of these centers do - offer and support diversity. The start-ups, boot camps, businesses, and…

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