Haunted Mills: Orchard Meadow Residence Hall

Unlike Mills Hall, Orchard Meadow is still a fully occupied residence hall, bustling with students living their lives—studying, chatting with friends, and generally enjoying their time at Mills to the fullest. But there is one inhabitant who has no life left to live.

The unnamed specter of Orchard Meadow looks like any of the other resident students at first glance; and a glance is all that most people give her, because she doesn’t draw attention to herself. Indeed, she isn’t even doing anything in particular. This is no malevolent spirit or poltergeist; the Orchard Meadow ghost is always seen sitting on the steps of the building, or in one of the visiting rooms just inside the doors. Just sitting, very quietly, and waiting.

When a passerby does stop to look back at her, she has always vanished.

This quiet, non-threatening haunting has been the subject of some speculation by her fellow residents over the decades. Sightings of this girl stretch back thirty years at least, although she might have been around for even longer; but no one knows quite who she is. But everyone agrees on what she’s doing on those steps: everyone who’s ever waited outside their home for a friend to pick them up for a night out can recognize this girl. Some say she’s waiting for a friend or family member to pick her up, some say she’s expecting a visit from a lover who never came for her; either way, she is certainly the most patient girl on campus, waiting out generations of students in the hope that someday, someday, the person she wants to see so badly will come back for her. And in the process, she has become a beloved part of Mills culture, her story being passed down to new Orchard Meadow residents with variations and embellishments as the storyteller sees fit, as much of a fixture of the dorm as the very steps she sits on.

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