The New Parish

The New Parish is a venue in Downtown Oakland which has a slew of events throughout the year. There is one bathroom upstairs, and one bathroom downstairs! One event in particular described as: “Every 1st Saturday in Oakland, Ships In The Night is a RADICAL QUEER dance party - always a benefit. We prioritize and strive to make the space accessible to queers, women, trans* people, and people of color and highlight their talent as DJ's and performers. Since 2006, Ships has served as a community fundraiser and place for activist and social justice minded queers of all genders to sweat out the worries of the days.” The event is 5$ + donations, always going towards bay area non-profit organizations!

Ships in the Night is a monthly event specifically made as a safe space for trans* and queer people, centering around trans* and queer people of color. This is a great event to network, meet, and dance with other beautiful trans* people! It’s also a fun time to just shake all the worries away, all the stress and anxiety about entering into a bathroom is not there! And when it comes time to cool off and take a bathroom break, the worry-less feelings continue!

Out of all of the mapped pins thus far, I would definitely advise supporting this local venue, as it services local talent on a regular basis. Especially with non-profit organizations in mind, it might be an organization that one day seeks your advice, or you seek theirs!

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