Planned Parenthood

We now stop at debatebly one of the most important pins, Planned Parenthood! Located in West Oakland across the street from the Post Office, Planned Parenthood offers services that include: Abortion Services, Birth Control, HIV Testing, Men's Health Care, Morning-After Pill (Emergency Contraception), Pregnancy Testing & Services, STD Testing, Treatment & Vaccines, Women's Health Care and more! The best thing about this stop on our tour, is that I can confidently say not having to identify your gender while using the facilities was definitely on the mind when creating this location.

In fact, during your visit the friendly and knowledgeable staff has always made me feel safe and comfortable. They are well versed in trans* health needs, and I have never had any doctor or assisting person gender me without my consent or assume anything about my sexuality when gathering information.

Their services are available to anyone and everyone who needs them, so do not hesitate to visit any of the many locations. And since more than likely you will have to visit the restrooms during your visit, to be tested for STIs or pregnancy, have no fear! No one will be judging your gender! So you can get all the help you need regarding reproductive services without having to worry.

This location is open 365 days a year, will see walk-ins, and their staff is fluent in Spanish and English. You can make an appointment online at: or by the phone at: 1-800-230-PLAN.

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