The Legionnaire Saloon

More often than not, queer and trans* people want to go out! And what’s a better night out than grabbing a few drinks at a local bar and dancing the night away to Motown Music? Join Legionnaire’s Saloon for Motown Mondays and feel free to use their facilities! After having a drink or two, or three, or four…. have no fear! In this two story bar there are TWO gender friendly restrooms. The bathroom on the lower level is a family restroom that is wheelchair accessible, and on the upper level there aren’t any signs on the all gender bathrooms. On the lower level the bar has multiple pin-ball machines, often live music or DJ’s, and sometimes live comedy!

The crowd has a an additive level of comfortability because of its diverse clientele. The Crowd that the bar attracts is diverse in culture, ethnic background, age, gender, sexuality, ability etc. Unfortunately those who are differently abled won’t be able to make it up the stairs, because there isn’t an elevator. Often, the first level is the place to be. Once a week there are some lovely folks who come out and sell chicken and cheese or vegi tamales, black beans, rice and homemade hot sauce for 10$! And to wash it all down, the bartenders make a mean whiskey sour.

Of course, the restrooms are only accessible for customers, and by extension only 21+ customers. Another thing to take into consideration when decided whether or not to visit, is that the owner is white and cis! So if you’re looking to support someone in the community, perhaps not the place for you!

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