Mills College

Mills College was established in 1852 and resides in the heart of East Oakland. Mills College offers a plethora of different bathroom utilities including bathrooms that are disability accessible, and non-gendered. Mills takes the lead in schools across the nation to be the first ever to have a policy accepting transgender students. The non-labeled bathrooms can be found in the dorms, for student access, in the Lisser building, a public restroom area near the middle of the campus, or in the Solidarity Lounge, a space dedicated to black students, students of color, and their allies.

While Mills College is well known in the greater bay area, and in fact all over the country, for being a liberal, social justice oriented, diverse school, there are still many spaces on the campus that are not very trans* friendly. This may not be the best place to have your pronouns respected. The school has not yet done a mandatory training for faculty and staff on trans* students on campus, which you may find ironic, since trans* men and non-conforming students have been here since the beginning of time. This often plays out in the form of microaggressions in class and transphobia found in many departments.

If, however, you are student determined to do something about this, Mills is the place for you! There are many incredible classes like Transgender Health, Introduction to Queer Studies, Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies, and many more! If you are a trans* person who can afford $40,000+ in tuition, this is an education for you! Mills is a safe place to do your business, whilst getting a prestigious and potentially social justice oriented Bachelor’s or Master’s.

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