Mayor Libby Schaaf's Residence

On Monday January 18th, protesters gathered outside of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s home around five in the morning-- A famous Martin Luther King Jr. was projected along with the quote: “A riot is the language of the unheard” with the following hashtag: “If we can’t breath you can’t dream #blacklivesmatter” on the garage door of Libby Schaaf’s residence. This demonstration was a response to Libby Schaaf’s initial decision to meet with the Oakland Police Department as her first prerogative as Mayor of the city. About fifty demonstrators showed up to her home, created an illuminating installation that spelled out “ Dream” in honor of King’s speech while having drawn chalk outlines on the street. What demonstrators also did in lack of response from Schaaf herself, is hand a list of demands to her husband ,Salvatore Fahey which included increasing funding to school libraries to firing officers for abusive conduct and placing officers under investigation on unpaid leave. Police arrived to monitor the protest but no arrests were made. It has been reported from the Bay Area News Group that Schaaf stated “I’m happy to meet with people about the city’s business in City Hall during normal hours,” Schaaf said after the protest” as she traveled between events commemorating Martin Luther King, Jr., yet she did not receive the protesters during the demonstration. This action was a call to the misprioritization of Schaaf in meeting with the Oakland Police who are responsible for the violence, policing and profiling of black bodies. Demonstrators used this day in remembrance of Dr. King’s legacy and the fight for the injustices the black community faces from the police department till this day.

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