Oakland North

Oakland North is an online and multimedia publication staffed entirely by students at UC Berkeleys school of journalism. Started in 2008 and is another newspaper in UC Berkeley’s non-Berkeley based publication, Richmond Confidential.

Oakland North experiments with telling Oaklands varying stories by using mediums such as video, podcasting and the written word. Their website states: “We aim to explore new ways to give communities back the coverage they’re losing as regional newspapers shrink–and also to be inventive about what digital journalism can do for all of us in the future.”

The thirteen students on staff all work with different mediums during their time at the paper - usually one to two semesters - in order to expand their reporting skills. While this  newspaper is run by all students, their reporting has often rivaled professional news platforms. During the 2014 Ferguson protests, a few of their photos from the protests were used by major news outlets.

Other notable coverage done by Oakland North has been their more historical or process based stories, such as their list of things invented in Oakland, or their election coverage of the 2014 mayoral race where a team of reporters broke down precinct by precinct the winner of each area of Oakland. The location for this publication is also a public library so folks who do not have access to a computer or the internet may be able to read or view some of the coverage done by Oakland North. I am including the address for the Temescal library as Oakland North originally began as a news source for the quickly changing area and dynamics of the Temescal.

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