DeFremery Park

DeFremery Park (1651 Adeline Street) is a 9.4 acre park located in West Oakland. The park is comprised of a landmark historic Victorian house, a depression-era swimming pool, a Skate Park, 3 tennis courts, a basketball court, a softball field, a playground, and a computer lab. The Victorian house is a Gothic revival home, originally owned by James DeFremery (he lived there until his death in 1899). Family members lived in the house until the property was sold to the City of Oakland in 1910.

DeFremery Park became a key place for Black Panther Party activities and programs. It became a place for their rallies, fundraisers, and even physical training. Also, DeFremery Park was a place for their free groceries programs and a testing site for sickle-cell anemia. The site tested about 2,700 people at that time.

After the death of Black Panther treasurer Bobby Hutton in 1968 (he was shot and killed by police in West Oakland), the park became unofficially known as the “Lil’ Bobby Hutton Memorial Park”. “Lil' Bobby Hutton Day" has been celebrated at the park every year since April
1998. The memorial event is usually organized by family members and former and current Black Panther Party members. It also features speakers, performers, and art works commemorating Hutton's black consciousness and dedication to the party.

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