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Started in 1963 by Thomas L. Berkley, The Oakland Post serves the Black Oakland community. This newspaper is one of five papers in the Bay Area that are run by The Post News Group, which is located in Oakland at the same location as the newspaper. The Post News Group is the largest Black weekly newspaper in Northern California.
The Oakland Post in recent years has also begun to serve other non white groups in Oakland, such as El Mundo, which is published in Spanish. The Post has recently received some backlash about this, as some loyal readers feel that the Black community in Oakland deserves their own newspaper. According to some comments on the website and it's Facebook page, some long time readers are upset because a non Black person is running the Post.
In 2007, Editor in Chief of both the Oakland Post and The Post News Group, Chauncey Bailey, was shot and killed while walking to his office at the Post by an angry subject of a shelved article by Bailey.

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