Gateway Cropping

Full Harvest Urban Farm

Full Harvest Urban Farm, located off 39th Avenue in the Laurel District of Oakland, was established by a couple whose interest began with the cultivation of marijuana. When Karissa and Region Lewis started “intercropping” or “companion planting” a variety of crops to foster their marijuana plants they developed a passion for agriculture which led to a full scale farm complete with livestock, such as, goats, chickens and a pig. This farm is unique in that it is a work and living space that is used to sustain the small community that the Lewis’s have assembled. In the Contra Costa Times article, “Oakland Voices: A Farm in East Oakland? Full Harvest explores the possibilities,” Karissa states, "’We are deeply disconnected from where we get our food,’" and believes that black and lower-income neighborhoods are “targeted to eat boxed,” and highly processed foods. The farm provides the community with accessibility to fresh, organic, locally sourced produce and dairy.

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