It's All Good Bakery

The Black Panther Party Office #1 (on 5624 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Oakland, CA, 94609) was founded in 1967. This particular office produced and organized the Black Panther Party newsletter.

According to former Panther David Hilliard, Circulation reached 270,000 a week at its highest, with distribution across the nation and the world. However, distribution of the newsletter was continually sabotaged by the FBI.

According to former Black Panther David Hilliard, the newsletter promoted different ideas and rhetoric, even involving itself with “Latino mobilization in San Francisco's Mission District” and advocacy for women's rights and LGBTQ+ rights. While the newsletter was inclusive with communal issues, it was also fiery and uncompromising.

Because of the threat that the FBI posed to their organization, there was a point where the Black Panther Party had to relocate their headquarters, which was done at least four times. For instance, the second headquarters were relocated on 1969, on 4419 Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

In 1996, the building was bought by former rapper Kim Cloud to begin a black-owned business: the “It's All Good Bakery.” With the history involving the Black Panthers, Cloud was interested in the location. According to the bakery's website, Cloud was interested because of his history with the Panthers. When he was a child, he and his siblings participated in the “Free Breakfast Program” for
children in the neighborhood.

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