Oakland is Idle No More

February 7, 2015 in front of Oakland City Hall, the "March for Real Climate Leadership" was held. Oakland is the site of this protest made up of Natives, non-Natives and Idle No More (a movement founded by four First Nations women aiming to protect Native rights, human rights and our environment) to send a message to Gov. Jerry Brown by marching through his hometown and letting him know that climate leaders do not frack.
The Idle No More movement calls for Native people to rise up and stand up for themselves and in turn, Mother Earth. The movement and the protest that took place in Downtown Oakland is an example of how Native people have a powerful voice and how preserving and standing up for Native culture doesn't mean that only Native people will benefit but all people and our Earth will benefit. Native culture does and always has emphasized an importance in protecting, honoring and appreciating the Earth and all it has given us. As Native American culture thrives, this large group of our nation's population rises up to stand up for our Earth with no intention to stop.
Oakland is a great place to hold a protest. It's a city of people who aren't afraid to stand up for what they believe in. When the Native culture which emphasizes protecting the Earth combines with the Oakland culture of rising up, one can only image the changes that can be initiated.
In Native American culture, when decisions are made one must first think of how it will effect the next 7 generations. When politicians decide to frack, how is that going to affect the seventh generation from now?

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