Oakland native Diishan Imira founded and operated tech outfit Mayvenn - an innovative platform that enables hair care professionals the ability to sell hair extension and other hair care products directly to the customers and clientele, cutting out the middleman and allowing salon owners and stylists to share in the multi-billion dollar Black Hair Care industry.

Founded by Oakland native Diishan Imira, tech outfit Mayvenn is an innovative platform enables hair care professionals the ability to sell hair extension and other hair care products directly to the customers and clientele they service. The Black hair market has been a topic of discussion for many years, and Chris Rock’s documentary Good Hair brought to light some of the aspects of the issue, one of which being that companies that cater to the African-American segment is a multi-billion dollar industry. Less than 5% of those profits and sales returns to the communities that warrant its existence in the first place. Imira sought to challenge and change this. Through technical innovation and business acumen, Diishan Imira is making it possible for African-American hair care professionals to share in the profits they are generating.

Diishan Imira utilizes the knowledge gained from his personal experiences. In addition to his own hair, this African-American tech entrepreneur grew up in a household of hair stylists. The California native has built relationships with hair salons and hair stylists to cut out the middleman in their industry and sell the products they and their clients use directly. Imira’s invention has enabled individuals to participate in the supply chain process, which is something this entrepreneur knows a lot about.

University graduate Diishan Imira travels to Asia regularly with his partner and created relationships with suppliers directly. His fluency in Mandarin offers greater access to goods and helps build and sustain solid relationships with producers and manufacturers. While he has cultivated strong bonds overseas, Imira engaged with the highly competitive Silicon Valley scene for funding and business partnerships to grow his business. A hair care business has stood out amongst the usual tech start-ups but, Imira and his partner remained poised and ultimately raised over $3 million dollars for their endeavor.

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