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There are just over 3,000 Native American in Oakland according to Census and almost 24% of Natives who don't have health insurance and rely completely on Native Health services. The Native community, as well as other under-served groups, have little access to mainstream health care. For this reason, in 1972, Native leaders worked for funding and established a Native American Health Center (NAHC) in San Francisco, California. Due to the large population of Natives in Oakland, the demand for another NAHC was high. In the 1980's, funding was found and a progressive move was made with the purchase of a four story building in the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland which became the Native American Human Services Building. In the 1990's the NAHC in Oakland refocused and began creating services and programs for the youth of the Native American community. These programs not only serviced needs by providing health care, they also established the Tribal Athletics program and a youth center. Today, focus still remains on youth and future generations. Native leaders of today look to youth in the Native community to be visionaries and leaders for the future. As in many tribes througout the country, the "Uban Indian Tribe" (the mixture of tribes in urban areas such as Oakland) looks to make the current world we live in now, a place for our future generations thrive by teaching the youth of today how to be leaders and prodvide them with resources to help them succeed. The NAHC, when it was first established and even more so today, stands proud on a foundation of serving the community.

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