Hands of Switch/Manos para la paz

There are actually multiple Hands of Peace but for the use of this tour there is only one pin of the address. The other addresses of the Hands of Peace are Fruitvale and East 23rd, International and 38th, Fruitvale and East 27tth, International and 53rd, 42nd and Foothill, and 11th and Franklin. At the top of the pieces there are the words “Hands of Peace” or “Manos para la paz”. The pieces each are a collage of many different children’s handprints. The Hands of Peace are each in different East Oakland school neighborhoods and usually seem to have been created by children who attend the neighborhood school. The statement being made by these hands is truly poignant as it is reminding viewers that children come into this world without the preconceived notions and controlling images that often create oppression. Children’s hands are naturally hands of peace before they are formed by the opinions that they are surrounded by.

Street Address:

Foothill and Bridge Ave.

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