The focus of this piece is a call to action as so many of the other pieces are. It so simply with one phrase creates an ask of viewers “Decolonize”. In the very center of the piece one arm reaches up. The figure reaches up as a representation of all of those who rise up, all of those who have risen up in order to question the oppression that is so imbedded within the history that it cannot be denied. It is time to question and rethink the ideas that have been thought as standard. The United States was founded on many different forms of oppression and this piece asks viewers to just start at the base level of considering that within their own experiences. This piece ask viewers to remember how complicated history is, how necessary it becomes to keep in mind the sacrifices which have been made in order for the United States to be what it currently is. This land is still the land of the many Nations of indigenous peoples. Enslaved Africans were brought to this land and were much of the reason the United States had the wealth to succeed and slavery was legal for about half of this nation’s history. This nation has problematic history and this piece ask viewers to remember that and be consistent in supporting the changes that need to happen in order to create a more just nation. This piece creates a stirring ask of all those who come across it.

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