You Choose

This piece illustrates what is defines as two choices. On one side there is an industrial “Factory Prison” on a desolate land, the ground is black, the tree appears to be dead, there are a couple buildings that seem to be some kind of chemical plant and a large cement building. On the other side there is a large brown building that says “Comm Opport” the building is surrounded by green grass and there are people surrounding the building. In between either of the two places there is a painting of earth and the words “You Choose” are above the earth. THis piece seems to be telling viewers that there are two directions in which the earth continuing as it has been and focusing on wealth more than the earth’s survival. The other option clearly points to the environment being better taken care of as the green does that. The words “Comm Opport” may leave more to the imagination whether it is alluding to Marxism or purely discussing how much more could be accomplished is everybody had common opportunity. This piece asks viewers to take an active role within their experience of this world. Viewers are reminded of the very real deterioration of the environment and the very real consequences of that may have on humans.

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