Oakland Palestine Solidarity

This pin is the Oakland Palestine Solidarity mural. This mural has seven trees on it, each tree represents a different aspect of solidarity which artists attempt to portray. The artists of the piece each come from different experiences, the racial diversity of the piece truly highlights the way this piece points to commonalities within the experiences of colonialism. There were three Palestinian and Palestinian-American artists involved with the project. Chris Gazaleh is a Palestinian American artist, Nidal El Kihary is a Palestinian artist, and Dinah Array was an artist who was involved and actually participated virtually. These artists work directly with Miguel Bounce Perez, a Chicano PAcific Islander artist, Emory Douglas, an African American artist, Susane Greene, a Jewish American artist, SPIE, an Asian American artist, VYAL, a Chicano-Native American artist, IROT, a Native American artist, Erin Yoshi, a Japanese American artist and Deadeyes, an African American artist. This piece creates a vision of what can be created when genuine solidarity is the goal. Twelve artists with different styles and experiences worked together in order to create a message that reminds viewers of the importance of the connection which indigenous people have to their own land. One tree features a tree which has a Palestinian flag imbedded into the branches, the words “Save the Land” are carved into the tree as a painted figure appears to be pushing the tree from its current placement. This particularly moving image reminds viewers of how intersectional the experience of stolen are to those who are directly affected by colonialism. This powerful piece draws attention to the many different nations, cultures and communities that have been directly affected by colonialism. Though these experiences may not all be the same this piece of art truly illustrates the necessity of worldwide solidarity.

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400 26th St, Oakland, CA 94612


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