Smash the Patriarchy

This image is on 30th and West. I do not have historical facts about this image which is what has recently created challenges within my tour, much of the most beautiful and important radical street art in Oakland has no history that I can google but that can not change how I create the pins from this point on. The focus of the image is a brown person facing the viewer. The person has blue lips and eyeshadow. Their face is covered in white lines that could be described as geometrical and brings to mind traditional indigenous and Black patterns. The person has a blue afro which seems to be filled in by graffiti art. They are smoking what appears to be blunt but that is up for interpretation. In the bottom corner of the image there is “Smash Patriarchy” in bright orange letters. One thing that does not go unnoticed is the yellow outline of the subject of this piece. It brings to mind the gold outline often surrounding images of Jesus and Saints in traditional Roman Catholic art. This piece grabs viewers attention but brings it to the intersectionality of the needs within the system. This image is of what would often be considered a Black woman, covered in images that are synonymous with Black and Brown culture while doing a commonly criminalized activity that has been used to perpetuate the criminalization of Black folks. This image’s text refers to patriarchy, and so it is referring to sexism within systems yet the image itself refers to how each of these social justice issues which create cycles of oppression for all whom are not within the dominate narrative.

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