Oaklands Highway Protests

HIghway protest are ways of conducting demonstrations to catch the eyes of others in hopes of creating a voice that spreads awareness to others regarding social injustices. In Oakland, California many highway protests were conducted specifically in regards to acts of unjust police incidents involving innocent victims.
On April 14, 2015 a highway protest was conducted on Interstate Highway 880 all the way to Oakland City Hall, entering a Laney College cafeteria. This protest was centered around police brutality and excessive police force. Individuals linked the police shootings to the larger criminal justice system, which they said is racially biased, imprisoning black and Hispanic people at far higher rates than white people. They briefly occupied the City Council chambers, where more impromptu speakers addressed the issues of police brutality and institutionalized racism in law enforcement.The crowd included students from several Oakland schools, high schools and colleges, who staged walkouts today. As they marched through Chinatown, they stopped briefly by Oakland Charter High School at 345 12th St., claiming the school's principal, Eric Becker, had threatened to suspend students who walked out today.

On August 12, 2015, protestors gathered on westbound Interstate Highway 980 in Oakland where protesters established a blockade.The demonstration was a response to a nearby shooting that involved officers. The shooting left a 24-year-old Oakland man dead. The 27th Street off-ramp was blocked off and the protesters briefly disrupted traffic on the highway.
The marchers walked from the scene of the shooting, near Martin Luther King Jr. Way and 27th Street, to the police station around 9:15 p.m., police said. Officers were monitoring the protest as it moved downtown.

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