If you find yourself hungry for Filipino food in Oakland, you're in luck. In the heart of Kainbigan serves up the freshest and the best. They cater and deliver but the best way to experience Kainbigan is to go to the spot and get Oakland's best garlic noodles served fresh with a fried egg on top all in a tapa bowl, and don't forget the lumpia on the side!  

Kainbigan started as a pop up restaurant that appeared around Oakland at festivals, bars and events. All this was the creation of Chef Charleen, who began her pop up restaurant in 2012. The hoards of fans encouraged her to open up a restaurant in a permanent location, and so began Kainbigan only one year later. 

When you're enjoying the delicious food at Kainbigan, remember that the Filipino community has a rich history in California and particularly here in Alameda county. According to local justice organization Filipino4Justice, Alameda County has "the 3rd largest concentration of Filipino registered voters" and 13% of Filipinos in California live in the Bay Area. There are many cultural and social justice events that go on in the Bay Area for the Filipino community, but all are invited.  

According to Oakland History Murals, a Filipino community developed in Oakland beginning in the 1920's and Oakland "was a popular stopping point for many Filipino laborers traveling from Central Valley fields to Alaskan fisheries." The website explains that the first arrivals to Oakland were "college students on government scholarships, veterans of the Philippine-American War and their families, and young men recruited in the Philippines to serve in the U.S. military" and later Filipino men came to California to work as farmworkers. Read more about the history of Filipinos in Oakland here

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2101 14th Avenue , Oakland, California 94606 [map]

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