Protect Our Future

Its common knowledge that Oakland residence have little trust in the Oakland Police Department. Each time a fatal shooting happens at the hand of the OPD, the distrust increases. Paul Figueroa, OPD Assistant said, "Trust takes a lifetime to earn but can be lost in a moment.” OPD Chief Sean Whent said, "The scars are too deep, and we'll never win them over."

Named below are eight reasons why Oakland citizens distrust the OPD. Unfortunate, there are so many more.
Melvin Black
Oscar Grant
Jacorey Calhoun
Demouria Hogg
Alan Blueford
Gary King Jr.
Raheim Brown
Derrick Jones

Police Brutality impacts us all, including future generations. However, it impacts African Americans at a disproportionate rate, especially children. Police officers are permanent fixtures in Oakland Schools, outsourcing to the Alameda County Sheriffs is common, and private security is on the rise. Oakland residence are constantly policed and criminalized in their own neighborhoods. The concern becomes who is policing the police?
Swanson, an investigator appointed by US District Judge Thelton Henderson, who is responsible for overseeing Oakland Police reform had this to say, “For years, Oakland’s police discipline process has failed to deliver fair, consistent and effective discipline.”

"Oakland is suffering, and we want to make a difference. We want to give our children hope. Everyone deserves hope." Jeralynn Blueford, mother of Alan Dewayne Blueford.

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