Derrick Jones

November 8, 2010, Derrick Jones, 37 year old husband and father was apprehended by Oakland Police officers for alleged domestic violence. According to reports, Jones fled the barbershop which he owned. An attorney for the family said “because they [police officers] shot at him at the barbershop during the initial interaction, and he feared for his life. That’s why he was running.”

OPD Officers Omar Daza-Quiroz and Eriberto Perez-Angeles chased Jones for two blocks then fired several rounds, six shots hit Jones. He was pronounced dead on the scene at Bancroft Avenue and Trask Street. Ayanna Jenkins-Toney, an attorney representing Lanell Jones, wife of Derrick Jones said, "[Oakland police] shoot first and justify it later."

Officers Daza-Quiroz and Perez-Angeles, reported that Jones had a metal object in his hand they believed was a weapon. Jones was unarmed.

Jones’ family sued the Oakland Police Department in a wrongful death case. District Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers ruled that past complaints made against the officers could not be used in court. According to the
-East Bay Express-, "The two cops, Omar Daza-Quiroz and Eriberto Perez-Angeles, had previously been involved in the killing of another man. In addition, records show that there have been 74 use-of-force complaints lodged against Daza-Quiroz alone."

Jones’ parents were given a $225,000 settlement. However, the courts ruled that Officers Daza-Quiroz and Perez-Angeles did nothing wrong.

Jones was a member of The Church of Christ in West Oakland.

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