The Black Panther Party Newspaper

The Black Panther Party newspaper was founded by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale in 1967. The newspaper was originally created to inform, educate and organize the people and promote the 10-Point Program and Platform.

The BPP newspaper grew from a four-page newsletter to a full newspaper in about a year and about 500 issues were printed. The first cover featured the case of Denzil Dowell, a brother murdered by the Richmond police. The BPP was called in by his family to investigate what happened to him.

Among its editors were Bobby Seale, Elbert “Big Man” Howard and Eldridge Cleaver. Although edited and comprised in the first headquarters in Oakland, it was soon to be published in San Francisco in 1971.

Soon, the newspaper became the number one Black weekly newspaper in the country from 1968 to 1971, selling over 300,000 copies each week. It contained both national and international news. The paper sold for 25 cents. In the beginning, each person selling the newspaper got a dime from each copy.

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