SoleSpace on Telegraph

This eccentric and popular shoe store off of Telegraph in downtown Oakland is much known for their trendy sneaker brand collection and the open galleries on each "First Friday" of the month. It has become a locus for art exhibits and a space to hold screenings and events with partnering organizations on a sliding-scale basis. On July 14th, 2013 George Zimmerman was found not guilty for the murder of Trayvon Martin and the news hurt the black community nationwide. People for the majority marched the streets peacefully and there were some instances where angered citizens vandalized property in response to the injustice of the judicial system that voted in favor of Zimmerman. The trial served as a reminder of Oakland’s history of racially motivated killings by police, which Sole Space offered a place for people in light of what had happened, to get together and make art. The collection was eventually called “ Art Wall for Justice” and was displayed on the storefront.
SoleSpace takes pride in being engaged with the community in also sharing their resources to further promote awareness around social justice in Oakland as well as worldwide. However, the store has been unable to increase revenue and is in danger of foreclosure. Activists as well as members of the community are raising awareness of the store’s financial situation and are currently raising money in order to save it. For more information about donations, please visit and help out any way you can.

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