Seniors Against a Fearful Environment (S.A.F.E)

Seniors Against a Fearful Environment (or S.A.F.E), a nonprofit organization, was started in 1970 by the Black Panther Party as a means to prevent muggings and attacks against the elderly. Before approaching the Black Panther Party, senior citizens went to the Oakland police to build a case and ask for protection. Instead, they were told to walk close to the curb in the future, according to former Black Panther Chief of Staff David Hilliard. The program offered free transportation and escort services to the residents of the Satellite Senior Homes, a residential complex for the elderly in Oakland, California. The program also offered delivery services with food, groceries, prescriptions, medicines, etc., and assistance with moving furnishings for low-income seniors in the county.

The Satellite Senior Homes opened in January 1970 and are located in Downtown Oakland, not too far from the 19th Street BART Station (540 21st Street). The home was renovated on June 2013, to accommodate senior citizens for common spaces in the building, create accessibility and to meet code requirements for disasters, i.e. earthquakes.

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