Port of Oakland

A major environmental as well as economical debate surrounds the City of Oakland’s opening its port for Utah coal that would eventually be exported to overseas, specifically to American-based power plants installed in parts of Asia and Latin America. Activists concerned with the City of Oakland’s participation in climate change in the long term as well as the problems Oakland would face immediately with nearby resident’s exposure to the toxic dust. On the other hand, other Oakland residents see this as an opportunity for the creation of jobs as well as an economic boost to both Oakland and the Utah coal industry. Utah has invested in the development of Oakland port in order to develop Oakland’s capacity in receiving goods in bulk quickly and in large volumes. Economists argue that this exchange will bring potential surplus of other non-toxic goods (e.g. potash, hay, grains and salt) as well as and financial surplus. Environmentalists have been pushing back this proposal as angry street demonstrations have been taking place since earlier in 2015. The Army Base is considered city property under law, which gives those opposed to the proposal agency in having the Oakland City Council stop the project. Decisions are expected early December.

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