Demouria Hogg

Demouria Hogg, fatally shot by OPD, was a 30 year old father with three children. He was found asleep in a car on the freeway off ramp at Lakeshore Avenue near Lake Merritt. After several failed attempts to wake Hogg, firefighters called police. The police shattered the passenger-side window of the car. When Hogg awoke, one officer used a Taser and a second, unnamed officer shot and killed him.

Hogg's family is accusing officers of excessive force in a federal wrongful death lawsuit. The police department and city attorney declined to comment on the lawsuit. Also, the name of the police officer who killed Hogg remains unknown, further supporting the idea that the OPD is above the law.

Since 2003, the Oakland Police Department has been monitored by a federal judge because of its history of corruption and brutality. However reform efforts are failing. After boasting about a decrease in on-duty murders, since the June 6, 2015 murder of Demouria Hogg, Oakland police officers killed four more people.

OPD officers walk away unpunished for murder and excessive force, but the families and children of the slain victims continue to suffer.

Hogg's 10-year old daughter said "What I wonder is, why did the police shoot him."

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