Let the Beet Drop

Phat Beets is a food justice collective founded in 2007 that believes healthy food is a human right, a right that is regularly denied to many Oakland residents. “What is lacking is not food, but the political will to fairly distribute food regardless of the recipient’s ability to pay,” according to Phat Beets’ core principals. The collective aims to build an equitable food system through a variety of different programs primarily supported by volunteer efforts and Community Supported Agriculture members who receive beet boxes full of locally grown fruits and vegetables. Phat Beets works with healthcare providers to educate patients, increases access to food through produce stands, farmer’s markets, and CSA, and empowers youth through education programs. Another aspect of Phat Beets that is unique is the collaboration effort to eliminate obstacles that prevent cultivation in public parks. Alongside Phat Beets the Edible Parks Task Force are working to replace traditional park landscapes with edible plants that local residents can grow and share. Underutilized parks could then be used to increase food security and allow more access to green spaces in urban areas. Although Phat Beets focuses primarily on food access and urban agriculture, the collective works with a variety of organizations to provide resources for safety, health, transportation, housing, education, and youth empowerment the North Oakland communities.

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