The African American Quilt Guild of Oakland

“These pieces of our past act as points of comfort for our collective memory” – Marilyn Handis, project director at the AAQGO

The African American Quilt Guild of Oakland was created in 2000, developing from classes taught by master quilter Esther Pancho. The Mission statement of the AAQGO is:

“To preserve and continue the tradition of quilting; To promote fellowship among interested persons in all aspects of quilting; To contribute to the knowledge and appreciation of fine quilting and quilts; To sponsor and support quilting activities through regular meetings and special events with the community.”

The guild meets in the West Oakland branch of the Oakland Public Library on the 4th Saturday of every month. It holds an annual Black History Month workshop, offers presentations and demonstrations in local libraries, and collaborates with national museums and organizations to exhibit the work of Guild members and other African American quilters.

The AAQGO will be presenting a show titled Neighborhoods Coming Together: Quilts Around Oakland,” which is planned for the first week of March 2016. Community members throughout Oakland will join together to design and create quilts to be exhibited. Quilting workshops will focus on life in Oakland.


"Sisters II" by Kyla Laffoon

"Sisters II" by Kyla Laffoon

A quilt from the AAQGO 2013 Exhibition "Ancestral Memory" | Source: View File Details Page

"The Elder" by Jackie Houston

"The Elder" by Jackie Houston

From the AAQGO 2015 Laney College Exhibition | Source: View File Details Page

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1801 Adeline Street [map]

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