Alameda County Community Food Bank

The Mission of the Alameda County Community Food Bank is ‘to alleviate hunger by providing nutritious food and nutrition education to people in need, educating the public and promoting public policies that address hunger and its root causes.” For several decades, since 1985, this food bank has dreamed of being able to go ‘out-of-business’, by ending its necessity through stopping hunger. Alameda County has turned to this food bank as the designated location for food donation, which allowed for over 18.3 million pounds of food to be distributed in 2009, with over 8.7 million pounds of farm-fresh produce. Located proudly in Oakland since 2005, this bank has upped its distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables by 725%.

More specifically, the Alameda County Community Food Bank has a network of 275 specifically placed locations such as food banks, soup kitchens, xhild-centers, senior centers, after-school programs and community-based organizations. The Food Bank distributes food amounting in approximately 300,000 meals per week. Through systematic planning, this food bank is the one of the most efficient and busiest, emergency food helplines. With a dynamic and hands-on hunger and nutrition education program, a multilingual food stamp outreach program and an innovative advocacy program that promotes policies to benefit low-income residents, the Alameda County Community Food Bank serves as a blueprint for programs across the nation.

With a plethora of educational resources regarding access to food and how to work towards ending hunger and poverty, the Food Bank invites people to get involved by visiting these websites:

Street Address:

Alameda County Community Food Bank
7900 Edgewater Drive
Oakland, CA 94621
Phone (510) 635-3663
Fax (510) 635-3773 [map]

Official Website:

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