“It’s All Good Bakery”

The bakery on MLK and 57th started as an informal meeting place for Black Panther Party members (such as Huey P. Newton) and eventually became the headquarters for the Party. This space was also where the newsletter was produced and was the primary source of circulating the voice of the party locally and eventually nationwide. The Black Panther Party offered from protection to breakfast programs could be accessible within Oakland and later on, nationwide. Their location was constantly sabotaged by the FBI in which as a result, members of the Party were forced to go into hiding. This location reinforces the Party's mobilization was organized and with an agenda, in contradiction with the negative rhetoric used to describe the Party in history books as well and the constant persecution of the police and federal government. Only locals and surviving members are aware of the significance of this bakery. The current owners take pride of the significance of their location and include its history on their website. Also, people can learn more of the party's history through Billy X Jennings Black Panther History Tour in which the bakery serves as a key location site.

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