Market Match

Food trucks, vendors, and local farmers gather every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Oakland’s Jack London Square Farmer’s Market at 472 Water Street. A recent $3.7 million dollar grant from the USDA will help economically challenged families gain access to the local fruits, vegetables, nuts, and greens that are sold there. For the next two years the PCFMA, Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association, will work with CalFresh by matching purchases dollar for dollar at the Jack London and other Bay Area Farmer’s Markets. The program began in May of 2015 and was projected to exceed $45,000 in two years at the Jack London Market alone. This grant will significantly impact the local farmers that sell their produce, but will also greatly increase the accessibility to healthy foods for those families that receive nutritional assistance. Through this Market Match program the PCFMA is hoping to help nearly 5,000 low income families, significantly increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables they are able to purchase. The grant not only benefits the Oakland, but multiple communities struggling nationwide. “’Incentive programs make it possible for farmers’ markets to open and thrive in lower income communities and food deserts where fresh local produce had previously been hard for residents to find,’ said Casey Anderson, the membership and project manager at the San Diego County Farm Bureau.” This new grant will eventually reach over 230 different sites.

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