Female Founders

Anna Head was born May 6th in 1857 in Boston, Massachusetts. She moved to San Francisco in 1861 but later moved to Oakland, California. Head came from a history of education. Her father, Judge Edward Head, was a graduate of Harvard Law School and her mother, Elizabeth Head, operated a French and English school in Oakland. Anna Head attended Oakland High School and graduated in 1874. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Education Administration at the University of California Berkeley in 1879. Head was only one of 23 graduating women out of graduating body of 177. After spending some time in Greece, studying education, she returned to Oakland in 1888. At the age of 31 she opened her own school for girls in a home on Channing Way in Berkeley, California. Anna’s mother, Elizabeth, retired and sold her Oakland based school in 1887. She gave the profits to Anna for the “establishment of a solid and comprehensive training school for girls.” The Anna Head School was “considered groundbreaking as it encompassed the ‘best in the German and English systems’ of education.” Anna Head operated the school for a total of twenty one years until her retirement in 1909. She sold the school to Mary Wilson, one of the instructors at the school. In 1964, the Anna Head School move from Berkeley to Oakland and in 1979 it became a coeducational school now known as the Head-Royce School. Anna Head passed away on December 25th in 1932 and was buried in plot 6 at Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland, California.

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