Asian Pacific Islander American Health Forum

The Asian and Pacific Islander Health Forum is a national agency that works with health care advocates, providers and other people looking to make structural adjustments in the way healthcare is administered and provided to people in the Asian and Pacific Islander American community. The agency just moved its west coast hub from San Francisco to Oakland in April of 2015. Although they do not do direct local impact in the way a community health center would, the forum works on a national level to collect and provide information about health issues that afflict the API community across the entire United States, not just in Oakland. The agency collects crucial information about connections between race and health issues, then publishes articles used by policy developers. Their work addresses the lack of data surrounding health issues in the Pacific Islander community.

Through Action for Health Justice, the APAIHF and a number of other organizations work to reform health care and access in the Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander communitiy. Together the organization enrolled 850,000 Asian American and NHPA into the Affordable Care Act. Like the Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach, the Health Forum and partner organizations provide outreach services in a number of languages. Although it does not provide direct community access the Health Forum works with community providers such as Asian Health Services; EPIC, Empowering Pacific Islander Communities; the Samoan Community Development Center in San Francisco and Taulama Ma’ae Tonga for Tongans based in San Mateo.

 More information about the history of APIAHF, the oldest and largest health advocacy organization working with AA and NHPI communities in the nation, in the US Territories, and with the US‐affiliated Pacific jurisdictions” is available at their website.

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