“Remember Them: Champions for Humanity” Monument

“It is the people who chose the most difficult road and changed our world forever that I want to honor with my art, and in turn, inspire others to follow in their footsteps”-Mario Chiodo

This is one of the largest humanitarian monuments in the country and is in Downtown Oakland off of 19th and Telegraph. It was sculpted by Mario Chiodo Oakland is fueled by revolt. How fitting that in the somewhat center of this city is an artistic monument that is dedicated to the appreciating changemakers who have dedicated their lives to the equity and equality that this world so greatly needs. The monument is not only local changemakers but also internationally celebrated humanitarians. While they have well known faces like that of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Theresa, the monument also pays tribute to Carmen Flores and Fred T. Korematsu. Though this monument is of a different kind of art than many of the other’s for this tour, it was so clearly funded and sponsored by the city and much street art is about making a statement that needs to be heard and is not entirely dependant on financial resources. “Remember Them” being one of the largest humanitarian monuments further proves that it must have been expensive. Funding does not change that it is an important piece which highlights the change which one person can make if they dedicate themselves to creating it. Viewers of the tour will have the opportunity to see the detailed artistic representation of the faces of these changemakers and how each of them are different and come from different experiences yet have each been able to create change in their own way.


Street Address:

19th St & Rashida Muhammad St, Oakland, CA 94612 [map]

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