Haunted Mills: Carriage Ghost

The Mills Carriage Ghost is one of the most famous apparitions, and also one of the most contested due to its rare appearances. It is not a human ghost, unlike the rest of the Mills paranormal community; instead, a spectral apparition of a horse-drawn carriage has been repeatedly seen on the hill between the Mary Morse and Ethel Moore residence halls. Ethel Moore, it seems, is a concentration point for otherworldly visitors to enter the college. No one quite knows the story of who the carriage belonged to or what it was doing on Mills campus; all anyone seems to know is that it is doomed to repeat its crash down the steep hill on stormy nights, and can be witnessed by the careful observer from the path or a window of a neighboring building. It must have been a tragic accident; the driver losing control of the panicking horses in the dark and the rain, the passengers crying out as the carriage careened off the path and over the hill into darkness. Most of the Mills ghosts are figures without stories; this apparition is a story without characters, playing out the last moments of the lives of the doomed, nameless passengers forever in unearthly silence with no one to remember who they were, or where they were going on such a dangerous night, or what spooked the horses so. For such a vague story it has a great following on campus; it is witnessed so rarely, even though people are careful to watch that path on stormy nights, that every time someone claims to have seen it the excitement begins again and the speculation begins about what could have caused such a strange haunting in such a place.

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