Golden Gate Organics

An Accessible Delivery Service

In 2010, two friends, Corey Tufts and Wayne Pierson established Golden Gate Organics (GGO). This company is a produce delivery service, which was created to provide customers with fresh produce. GGO is “the only independent . . . organic delivery service,” in the East Bay, which makes it a unique resource for customers who want to buy organic fruits and vegetables. [1]

This company attempts to make organic food available to as many people in the Bay Area as possible. The staff is committed to only selling fruits and vegetables that are “in-season, local when possible, delicious, fresh, and always with no exceptions: 100% USDA certified organic.” [2] Because GGO does not have its own farm, the staff sources produce from a variety of locations such as: Cal-Organic (in Bakersfield), Driscoll's (in Watsonville), Homegrown Organic farms (in Porterville), Forbidden Fruit Orchards (in Lompoc), Cunningham Organic Farm (in Fallbrook), Tomatero Organic Farm (Watsonville), Masumoto Family Farm (Fresno), etc. Obtaining produce from a wide range of farms also allows GGO to maximize the amount of produce that they can offer to customers.

In most grocery stores, customers can only choose from the vegetables that are located in the produce section. And organic options are often quite limited. In contrast, GGO gives customers increased flexibility and choices. Each week, customers are sent menus that list the produce that is offered at that time. GGO has 117 different fruits and vegetables. And the staff is happy to make substitutions (up to five each week) so that customers can customize their deliveries according to their preferences. GGO is also sensitive to customers’ schedules as individuals can use their online accounts to add or delete weekly deliveries. In addition to GGO’s website, the staff uses social media (Facebook and Twitter) to communicate with customers about queries, concerns, or suggestions.

Golden Gate Organics values community service as well. As such, GGO donates food to nonprofits, schools, and the Alameda food bank. GGO is an important resource not only because of its community outreach but also because of its accessibility. It can often be difficult for handicapped individuals to walk for long periods of time and to navigate the narrow aisles within grocery stores. Since Golden Gate Organics delivers produce to customers' homes, it is much more accessible. GGO, then, ensures that all individuals, regardless of their physical mobility, can obtain organic fruits and vegetables.

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