Haunted Mills: Ethel Moore Residence Hall

Even for a Mills residence hall, the Ethel Moore dorm building exceeds itself by having not one but two reported ghosts. The first has been part of the building since it was built: Ethel Moore herself is said to have lingered in the building that bore her name. Unlike many of the other campus ghosts, who are often either invisible, insubstantial, or otherwise incapable of effecting the living world, Ethel is a very physical apparition. She haunts the library study room in her building and is, depending on who you ask, either a mischievous, troublemaking spirit or a helpful apparition who just wants to look after her students as best she can. A few people have reported seeing her in this room, but most experience her presence through objects: Ethel is known for moving books around and rustling and flipping through the notes of anyone who tries to study in her library, occasionally accompanied by a faint sound of laughter. She seems to take pity on students who are clearly at their academic limit, though, and helps them instead of pranking them; students who fall asleep while studying in the Ethel Moore library are said to wake up with their homework completed for them and their notes organized. Whether playful mischief-maker, kindly mentor, or both, Ethel is certainly not a threat to the students in her hall, and is simply continuing her legacy by making life more interesting for her residents.

The other Ethel Moore ghost is more ambiguous; like the Orchard Meadow ghost, she looks like a fellow student, and is only identified by her outdated clothes and her strangely silent footsteps. Students pass her in the dorm halls sometimes, but she never answers any greeting they might try to give her; and when they look back, she’s disappeared without a trace. No one knows who this girl is or what tragedy or unfinished business is keeping her tied to Ethel Moore Hall, but everyone who’s heard of her has a different theory.

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