Children are Seeds

Acta Non Verba is a Youth Urban Farm Project located in the heart of East Oakland. Students from the ages of 5 to 17 participate in the program in hopes of building skills, increasing their knowledge of food production and strengthening their ties to their community. The farm, located on 83rd Ave and E Street, is organized, planted, and harvested by the youth. The program targets inner city young people of color who are increasingly disadvantaged in an effort to use farming as the catalyst for completing high school, attending college, and empowering them to create a better future for Oakland. Camp ANV coordinates a weekly produce stand and Community Supported Agriculture, a fruit and vegetable delivery service. A unique aspect of the farm is that the proceeds from the CSA and the produce stand are deposited into individual bank accounts for participants because children with savings accounts are seven times more likely to attend college. Carlynn Wooten-Scott, a mom and board member of Acta Non Verba, recognizes the impact that the camp is making. “ANV is important because it stands alone as the only urban farm in my community. The resources that it provides are vital to the sustainability and regrowth of East Oakland. By providing food, education, a safe space, and healthy living resources for the community, ANV is transformative in its approach to improving the quality of life for residents of East Oakland,” Wooten-Scott states. This Youth Urban Farm Project educates and empowers youth, but also provides fresh affordable produce for a neighborhood that is saturated with crime, liquor stores, and overall food inequities that result in a shorter life expectancy for the children that are raised here.

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