The Campanil

Since 1917 The Campanil, formerly The Stream and the Mills College Weekly, has been covering the Mills College community, campus and Oakland. Originally called The Stream, the paper covered mainly the on goings on campus and featured a lot of staff and student profiles. When the Stream transitioned into The Weekly, more features about Oakland started to trickle into their circulation. Since 2009 The Campanil has been both an online and print platform.

During from 2007-2013, circulation fluctuated between bi-weekly and weekly. Currently, the newspaper is bi-weekly and features new stories online during the off print weeks.

The Campanil
has won multiple awards on both the National and State levels, bringing home 4 statewide awards and 1 national award last year. Since 1990, under the guidance of faculty advisor Sarah Pollock, the newspaper is completely student run, from the budget to the proof reading. According to Pollock and other newspaper advisors, this is not always the case with undergraduate newspapers. The Campanil is also a main component of Mills College’s journalism program, with many of its graduates having worked on The Campanil at some point in their time at Mills.

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