The Old Oakland Farmers’ Market

From the Farm to Your Table

Spanning four blocks, the Old Oakland Farmers’ Market is open every Friday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm throughout the year. Because the market is about 10 minutes away from the 12th St. BART station, it is accessible to people all over Oakland who may not be able to afford cars. The Old Oakland Farmers' Market is a warm and family friendly environment. As visitors wander past vendors and tables, they will hear an assortment of musicians performing.

Although the Old Oakland Farmers’ Market is sponsored by the City of Oakland, it is run by the Urban Village Farmers’ Market Association (UVFM), which is a “Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation” that is responsible for operating the Old Oakland Farmers’ Market and several other “year 'round Certified Farmers Markets.” [1] UVFM was founded in 1997. This association is committed to encouraging the continuation of family farms, maintaining the environment, and supporting Oakland’s community. UVFM also encourages the public to reduce waste. In 2010, the staff discontinued the use of plastic bags at all of the farmers’ markets that UVFM operates.

Generally, in a supermarket, people are unaware of the conditions under which their food was grown. This absence of information makes it difficult for individuals to make informed decisions. However, because the Old Oakland Farmers’ Market is a certified farmers’ market, patrons are guaranteed that the food they buy comes directly from farmers. Also, visitors are encouraged to talk to vendors and ask questions about how the produce was grown.

While the Old Oakland Farmers’ Market is not exclusively organic, there are a few vendors that offer certified organic produce. The market offers a wide array of fruits and vegetables. This market does not only feature produce vendors; instead, people can sample pastries, coffee, chocolates, and handcrafted cheeses. Not interested in cooking? No problem. Passersby can also purchase snacks at food trucks or buy tamales and sandwiches. Some vendors also sell flowers, artwork, and handmade jewelry.

The Old Oakland Farmers’ Market is an invaluable part of the Oakland cityscape because it provides fresh, locally grown produce. This market is especially important for individuals who do not have grocery stores in their neighborhoods. In that way, it is a wonderful example of the abundance of fresh food that can be found in Oakland.

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